JICL Fall 2017 Symposium

Trade-Based Financial Crimes

Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 2101 L Street NW, Suite 440, Washington D.C.

2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Panel 1: Financial Crimes in the Banking Industry, 2:30 pm

Hear expert attorneys discuss various issues in the banking industry as they relate to trade-based financial crimes. The panelists will address how banking instruments play a role in facilitating financial crimes. They will also discuss crimes committed by the banking industry, such as LIBOR manipulation, commercial fraud, and mortgage fraud.

Panel 2: The Current Enforcement Trend of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, 3:45 pm

The panel will focus on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement strategies and enforcement priorities change based on the current administration. Specifically, the panelists will examine enforcement under the Obama Administration and predict how the Trump Administration will enforce the FCPA. The panel will also identify key issues FCPA has presented for U.S. businesses in relation to foreign trade.

Please see the full Symposium Agenda. For questions or to RSVP contact Julia Palermo, jpalerm3@gmu.edu