Spring 2018 Symposium

We were truly honored to co-host our Spring 2018 symposium with with Center for Protection of Intellectual Property (“CPIP”) on January 18, 2018! The symposium brought together scholars, industry representatives, and visual artists—which made for an interesting discussion. The first panel featured lawyers and artists alike who laid the groundwork to help artists identify issues with their creative works. After a short break, the second panel delved deeper into the issue of when to seek permission to use another artists work and what resources are available to help newcomers navigate the field. The artists on the panel spoke from a wide range of experiences from wedding photography to nature photography and medical illustrations. Both panels were filled with lively conversation and passionate panelists. To learn more about the panels, individual live-tweeted throughout, using the hashtag ‘#VisualArtsGMU.’
We would like to extend a huge thank you to the Institute for Intellectual Property and Social Justice for sponsoring the break and to the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property for sponsoring the networking reception. Additionally, we would like to thank Washington Area Lawyers for the Legal Arts and the Arts & Entertainment Clinic students from Scalia Law School for speaking with local artists and providing them with legal advice.
Thank you to all those who participated for your time and insight on the best practices in rights clearance and we look forward to seeing you at future event co-hosted by the Journal and the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property.
The Journal will be published the entire transcript from the event along with two students articles on related topics and a Best Practices in Rights Clearance guide in its Summer 2018 issue.