Welcome to the New Editorial Board and Congratulations!

JICL 2017-2018 Editorial Board!

Editor-in-Chief: Lauren Fetsch

Executive Editor: Chris Robertson

Managing and Publications Editor: Jasmine Gandhi

Senior Research Editor: Keri Hamilton

Research Editor: Chris King

Senior Articles Editor: Katie Novak

Articles Editor: Charlie Crawford-Silva

Senior Notes Editor: Mandi Hart

Notes Editor: Alexa Small

Notes Editor: Matt Karas

Symposium Editor: Julia Palermo

Communications Editor: Alyssa Davies

Associate Editor: Matt Kozakowski

JICL 2017-2018 Student Pieces Selected for Publication:

Julia Palermo, You Say “Tomato”, I Say “Tomahtó”: Getting Past Opt-In v. Opt-Out Consent Debate Between the European Union and United States

Jasmine Gandhi, Protect Our Friends: The Extraterritorial Application of The Anti-Retaliation Provision of the SEC’s Whistleblower Program

Chris Robertson, The Curious Case of Brian Bishop: Interpretation of the Willfulness Requirement in the AECA and ITAR

Katie Novak, Antiquities, War, and International Law: The Role of International Law in Protecting Looted Antiquities During Armed Conflict

Matt Karas, Be Careful What You Wish For: How International Tax Coordination Could Necessitate a U.S. Patent Box

Mandi Hart, Product Placement in International Film and Television Production: A Global Approach for a Global Industry

Congratulations everyone!